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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Is Your Job Being Affected By Your Low Self Esteem?

When we allow ourselves to be overcome by our low-self esteem we are unable to reach our full potential at work and, more importantly, in life. You could be subconsciously holding yourself back from opportunities, advancement, and achievements on a professional and personal level. A few of the ways how low self-esteem can affect you at work are:

1) Limits productivity.
Low-self esteem can distract you from your daily tasks and obligations at work.

2) Lowers your energy level.
It can diminish your drive to do your best.

3) Overly passive.
It can cause you to accept things as they are and to convince yourself that there is no real need for change.

4) Lowers self-appreciation.
It can cause you to lose sight of the value in yourself as an employee and your potential for growth.

5) Pessimistic outlook.
It can cause you to adopt a false perception of reality. This outlook is used to cope with low-self esteem by underachieving. Doing this will only result in deeper feelings of discontentment and self-resentment.

6) Increases vulnerability.
People with low-self esteem can easily be taken advantage of in the workforce. You may become that employee who has no boundaries.

Often we lack confidence in our own talents and abilities. We feel like we just don’t “measure up” to the perceived competition.  

Most of this nonsense is in our own minds but it puts a significant cap on our potential and our motivation to be the best that we can be. It can make us feel small and insignificant.

In order to get out of the slump of low self-esteem it is important that you:

1) Stay focused on you.
No more comparing and contrasting yourself with others. Be mindful of only your goals, what you are doing, and where you want to be. Focus on what it is that you uniquely bring to the table. Remember that you will achieve your goals at your own pace.

2) Focus on your strengths.
Use your strengths to better your weakness. Do not allow low-self esteem to completely consume your mind with your weaknesses.

3) Do not focus on past failures.
Learn from them, and move on. If you focus on the past that is where you will stay.

4) Become self-motivated.
Do not rely on others to commend your work. Be your own cheerleader and build yourself up. Do not allow others to influence how you perceive your work, talents, and abilities.

5) Start right now. 
At this very moment you can become proactive about changing how you perceive yourself.

Terri Denise Register

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