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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Panic & anxiety - our inbuilt responses to danger.

Panic and anxiety are our inbuilt responses to danger and are probably the main reasons we, the human race, have been able to survive and evolve. Without such a mechanism it is most likely that we would have ignored signs of danger and been killed.

However these life saving responses can at times get out of control and result in what we term as panic or anxiety attacks

Panic attacks are scary as they overwhelm us with a sudden surge of irrational fear. There is no time to prepare for the panic attack symptoms as we receive no prior warning. These intense feelings of panic can arise for no obvious fear.

As much as these are part of our ingrained response to fighting for survival or fleeing uncontrollable danger, these become symptoms of panic when this reaction arises for no known dangers or circumstances. Panic attack symptoms may come into existence in situations that seem to be harmless to an outside observer. A person who has panic attack disorder will manifest this complaint even in the throes of deep sleep.

As traumatic as they seem it is possible to bring these life saving responses back under control and banish the problem for ever.


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