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Monday, 19 March 2012

More Signs of Low Self Esteem

Self esteem can mean many things to many people. As a whole, it can be defined as how worthy we feel to ourselves and to the world. Do not confuse a drop in your spirits with low self esteem as we all suffer from these every now and then.

This list of low self esteem signs may help provide clarity:

1. You feel unsure of who you are or what you offer to the rest of us.

2. You blame yourself for all the things that go wrong in your day but never praise yourself for those that go right.

3. You are unable to forgive yourself or others.

4. You believe that everyone is against you.

5. You find setbacks are very hard to overcome no matter how small.

6. You can not see the good in others or in the world around you.

7. You are critical of others and very judgemental.

8. You are not able to move on from and stay stuck in the past, and continue to relive a bad experience.

9. You do not look after yourself.. You body and mind are not important to you and you pay little attention to your overall health.

10. You do not know what is important to you nor what defines your character.

11. You are not able to develop a positive outlook on life, and feel that no good can come your way.

12. You are pessimistic and unhappy.

Having low self esteem and not loving yourself go hand in hand. There are many reasons for this and many influences throughout our lives that contribute to low self esteem - from our parents, siblings, and peers, to teachers, religious leaders and often to the social climate during the time we were growing up.

Poor self esteem is not something that happens overnight, however it can definitely be changed.

Learning to love yourself is one of the first steps in beginning to feel better about yourself and your position in life. Nurturing and comforting yourself emotionally, taking care of yourself physically, being financially responsible, having intellectual stimulation, and creating an environment that is comfortable and reflects your personality are all expressions of self love.

Acquiring a good self esteem is about setting attainable goals, hard work, and achievement. This sense of accomplishment is an act of loving yourself and changing your position in life to make yourself great.

Do not believe that you have to do this all on your own with the additional anxiety that this will bring.

There are a number of excellent books and therapy courses available, some of which I will comment on in future posts on this blog.

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